Every Business Has A Story
I believe every business has a story...
I believe that every person, and every business has a unique story, goals, and desires. Every day in my business, I meet with companies and employees that are struggling with various aspects of business and life. Today, being a leader in business is more difficult than ever before. Companies are less loyal to their employees, and employees in turn are less loyal to their companies. The list goes on... By utilitzing my 30+ years of experience in business and counseling, I help companies and employees tell their stories, identify their struggles and goals to move through struggles and step into greatness. 
About JB
Dr. Symons has guided hundreds of businesses, from one-person offices to Fortune 500 companies.
JB leverages over 30 years of workshop, retreat, seminar, and coaching experience to help managers fortify human capital effectiveness to achieve multidimensional success.
JB is the author of 2 published books with 3 more on the way. Be sure to check out, "Getting To Why" and "Turms Of Peace".
In addition to speaking, I offer the following services and more. 
No matter how powerful, your leadership skills are for naught without an effective force to execute your vision. Yet many managers still rely upon the ineffective recruiting techniques of half a century ago.

Through the Force Development™ consulting product, Lead to Great™ helps you build and maintain a strong, motivated team. Online assessments help you to understand the strengths and weaknesses of candidates and current employees in any potential position. 
Today, being a leader in business is more difficult than ever before. Companies are less loyal to their employees, and employees in turn are less loyal to their companies. In this environment, managers must lead through persuasion and moral force—not merely through giving orders.

Through the Leadership Core Skills™ consulting product, Lead to Great helps managers become effective, 21st-century leaders. The system includes online assessments to reveal personal management styles, workshops to build key skills, and one-on-one coaching to address weaknesses and fortify strengths.

You’ll lead more effectively and with less stress. The members of your force will also become more motivated and proactive, creating a virtuous cycle in which leading becomes easier and more fulfilling.

A good, dependable employee suddenly stops performing. Two otherwise reasonable members of your force are unable to get along. A new hire with tremendous potential just can’t get started.

The developmental systems offered by Lead to Great will make you better equipped overall to handle such problems. But sometimes you’ll need special assistance.

Through the Human Capital Troubleshooting™ consulting product, Lead to Great, helps you understand and solve personnel problems. Elements of the system include assessments to reveal motivating factors, training programs to develop motivation and coping skills, and personal coaching by Lead to Great professionals with you and members of your team.

Don’t let human capital worries make your force less effective. Contact Lead to Great and solve those problems today!
Fun Facts About Me
I have been in 3 helicopter crashes & am now an inch shorter

I can say "I love you" in 11 languages

I have bench pressed 360lbs

I read 50-60 books per year

I have delivered 3 babies 

I have officiated over 350 weddings & over 200 funerals - hope I keep up the balance

I can play every brass instrument except trombone

I turned down dental school for seminary 

I have worked with over 300 companies and thousands of individuals

I am an avid workout nut and lift 5 times per week

 Joined the Navy and was trained as a Dental Tech and Navy Corpsman. Went to BUDS and joined Team One with 3 tours in Vietnam.

 Finished undergrad, got accepted to Dental School, turned it down and went to Seminary.

 Was a pastor for 13 years in the United Methodist Church, where I began family and individual counseling, which led me to my Masters in Divinity, Counseling and Clinical Psychology; and Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior.

 I have worked with over 300 companies and thousands of individuals and families – my second greatest love.’

Number one love(s): Vicki, my first wife who died at age 36; Benjamin & Sarah our kids; Beth, wonderful wife.

I was born in a manger near Muncie, Indiana..Whoops that’s a different story. I WAS born in Ball Memorial Hospital in Muncie. Dad finished highschool at 21 after joining the Army during WWII. Started at Warner Gear Transmissions (subsidiary of Borg Warner) at stayed for 44 years, becoming the head of the world’s largest heat treating department for over 20 years.

 Dad, became a metallurgical engineer and expert in heat treating all metal. Mom was a great stay-at-home mom and an amazing seamstress, making our early clothes and sewing for dozens of ladies. 

 I am the oldest of 4 boys – Andrew, Scott and Martin

 I lettered in 3 sports in highschool, did 9 years in 4-H , president of many clubs.

 Had a scholarship to college – pulled a .9 my freshman year (not a good number on a 4.0 scale)